Racing Demon Playing Cards Competition

Racing Demon

Racing Demon is an old fashioned card game for 2 players or more. It’s like racing patience and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, starting from 5 years (or when you can count from 1-10). It’s energetic, competitive, fun and great family entertainment. From the youngest child to the oldest grannie, everyone can join in.

It’s a simple game to learn and provides a wonderful learning curve in numeracy, motor and social skills as well as multi-tasking. Card games are a much overlooked and traditional form of entertainment and a parent’s educational dream. There’s no need to resort to modern technology like a computer which entertains one person.

Racing Demon brings a whole group together for some boisterous enjoyment. To play, all that’s needed is a flat surface, either table or floor, a pack of cards for each player and a scrap of paper and pencil for scoring. And there’s no limit to the number of people who can play. The space and number of packs of cards will decide that.

It‘s the perfect game to take on holiday or just play at home with friends and family.

Seasoned Racing Demon players guard their own house rules proudly. These usually deviate only slightly from the original and that’s all part of the fun. Players quickly learn how to play and how to get rid of their Demon piles skilfully before anyone else.

Demon Playing Cards sells a terrific Racing Demon set which contains everything for a game with two to six players. Every stylish, hardwearing black and red box contains six packs of brightly coloured cards decorated with cheeky demons, a set of rules, scorepad and pencils. This easily stored box of fun is all you need to play at home or take on holiday and is a perfect, original, birthday, Christmas or family present.

Racing Demon

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